We would like to extend our sincerest apologies and provide some clarification regarding recent developments.

Starting from September 30th, we will no longer update the "Pro Unlocker" as part of our proactive measures against piracy. The Pro Unlocker was being sold as a separate APK and is an old method for purchasing in Google Play from the time when in-app purchases were still not popular. Currently, there are 2 existing Apps - Aqua Mail and Aqua Mail Pro Unlocker. We aim to drop out the Pro Unlocker App, so we can only maintain the Aqua Mail App. Therefore you will be reissued a Pro license in the Aqua Mail App. So this will make the UX even better for our Pro users and they won't need to download and use two APKs.

We will be introducing a migration to which users with the Unlocker, including the "PAYPRO" license and those using codes, will be migrated.

Migrated "PRO" users (This will not be a subscription plan) will retain access to the features they used in Aqua Mail. They will receive regular updates including compatibility and security improvements, except for newly introduced features like "Unsubscribe" and others that will be exclusive to "Premium". It's important to note that subscribing to the "Premium" is not mandatory for "PRO" users, it's only optional. 

We are striving to make the transition as smooth and convenient as possible for everyone. Further instructions will be provided to guide you through this process.

We truly appreciate your feedback and support.


The Aqua Mail Team