We have introduced a function to backup IMAP & POP3 emails which will be available only for "PRO' users. This feature will be available in version 1.39.

  1. Backup & restore screen

  2. Tap “Backup”

  3. Enter the password (optional)

  4. Enabled “Back up accounts”, ”Back up app settings” and “Copy to Google Drive or you can pick from the other options from the drop-down menu"

  5. Tap OK >  internal phone storage will open (Downloads folder by default)

  6. Tap Save > Save to Drive screen will open

  7. Tap Save

Users will be redirected to the Backup & restore screen, and a popup message will be displayed, stating "Backed up X account, App setting & еmails were included"

*Please keep in mind that this function doesn't store messages from the Drafts, Deleted, and Spam folder. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the app will save the messages according to their state (depending on the settings you have for the app) i.e (Preloaded attachments, loaded messages, etc)

P.S. Please make sure you save your backup password (if you choose to have one) somewhere else (you may need it later to restore on another device)!